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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare CD Key

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Hide Detailed plant use this the flame peashooter

Hide Detailed plant use, this is the flame peashooter, buy Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare CD Key and compare the new updates pea berries slightly less lethal headshot 26 so Pianman launch speed, the speed of the missile is also a general, but the highlight is very cruel continued to burn hurt ah! but there is a sputtering, 5 hurt in this way, the basic hit or two you do not have control, absolutely unexpected addition to the all-star all-burned! likes flowers show you the gospel in their coming! sunflowers Although you can increase the blood but their blood too little. Sad reminder ah! The armor itself contains 150 blood sunflowers, distance 5 attack damage at close range 7-9, as long as the dog fight when the death is not rocket front line and encountered two infantry easily resolved, of course, have a certain Sao way gas oh I personally prefer, and together with my boyfriend and roll up simply Cock burst! most eggs hurt me to it! war just started playing when the garden is like a cactus, high attack, ballistic standards. So we are very excited about this hidden cactus. The results. I went to your meow of a microphone! Slow attack did not say, this is called the speed of the egg shells broken! Would Nima 6 rounds! Attack is high, 66 hurt headshot blood, when the points are basically keep spike, right pull Close view is also very far indeed snipers. But for me, a body assault blood flowing directly to people who ignore, as long as the close, the basic is dead. Individual like children's shoes can try. Finally mouth spent, it is not used, the basic eating a dead time, technology too dishes, so I can not brush out, I heard that the toxicity mouth of flowers, close-spray poison, there is no change in other areas, a large mouth spent close so easy? is that disgusting dead? zombies and other games like zombies zombie garden war also divided into two camps with plants, each new novice players enter the game must face how to choose camp issue. Following small to account for point mode as an example, explain how to choose the next novice camp.