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Compromise is not a party to the patient

Compromise is not a party to the patient, buy Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare CD Key and the party to make the first gesture, the other party will be corresponding with to make changes. If two people who do not make the who put the blame to each other, this day will not go over. Once the problem occurs, they calmly talk about it later encountered such a problem how to solve, how to avoid to prevent its occurrence, or find a mutually acceptable solution. I talked about first love, the other often outside the battery died, then the meaning of words to say, I was not intentional. Go out with friends to dinner, often more than eleven at night to go home, in the middle of a few hours you call him, he did not answer, just think of it home to give back, or that the phone battery died, or that did not see back a little late, his mouth is always one, I did not mean that he will never feel that they do wrong. Even once, and a female colleague out of chat, phone still no electricity, four or five points disappear from evening to 11pm and more, his explanation is related to the boys dress up this girl looks like he does not have any distractions just chat with friends in the downstairs. This sort of thing often happens repeatedly, I am very puzzled how there is such a wonderful work? Girlfriend nights out do not worry indifferent, why would they want doing, disappear for no reason, you are angry with him, he does not understand the impatience, one a little something, so that you blindly inclusive, so you do not care, do not get angry. My understanding is that I can accommodate you once or twice, you do not, I talk about my thoughts with you, and then you find a way to overcome and avoid, you can borrow a friend's phone battery died sent me a text message or play a phone call to say, do not worry, me and with whom, and other home and then contact, if in a hurry to hit this number. Instead encountered little difficulty as long as nothing regardless of whether you want two people live together, we must consider each other's feelings, it is mature. For the quarrel, the woman can do one, I do not cry and shout, I will calmly sit down and talk to you, tell the truth, then you could fool me, we crash and burn, this is a woman made compromise. Temperaments are not changed on a whim, but because love can be controlled.