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Because they are lonely, we cherish the friendship; because of failure, we are more eager to succeed; because of emptiness, we are more eager to love Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Origin CD Key; because of the loss, we have to cherish. When we finally be able to meet the most magnanimous mind the ups and downs of life, the most relaxed attitude to face life's joys and sorrows, the most open mind towards life in the success or failure, the most natural feeling experience of each ordinary day, you will understand that life is not only enjoyment, but also a bear. Heard many stories, how many bustling Lu Yu, when in the past lopsided, I can only recollection alone in the open at midnight. Bearish blossom, why not let go but then the clutch life. Often admired in the sky clouds, water fish. Clouds come and go, never tie him; fish only seven seconds to remember, never sad. They only happy at all. Red is too noisy, dusty won too muddy. Time flies, time lightly, accidentally, then aged a Love, downtown is just a skim of sand, can not afford the wasted time, begins slip through your fingers. Longing for a life, watching the sky Yunjuanyunshu, watching flowers bloom on the ground, strolling, wandering around in the text of the world. Unwilling to perceive too many things, so it seems only inviting trouble sorrow. How long did I have to talk about feelings, does it mean I have forgotten how long, long ago, I fear for the loss of what little remaining feelings, I'm afraid I can not find the place of text. For a long time, writing for me is very scarce, finished his story, pick up a pen, just a few words, some feelings, unable to Dominicans. Traced back to a few years ago, did not understand the feelings of the day, started his life, they were eager for something to explore life, so often published articles lamenting life, to look back at the beginning again after a few years of their own, but teenagers do not know worry taste, to write poetry that worry. People can not get, there is always regret and unwilling, for their own, did not mind, but I do not know if Jane wall for others. I do not know why, knowing that the outcome of things, but going to get involved, go tasted one of the Subway, until bruised, but still want to select forgive. Young people, there will always be better, that person smiles, perhaps already engraved in my mind, perishable forget. That one became waves of your life.