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There has been a problem, but I do not understand. People from birth to death, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Origin CD Key in the process, in the end what should be done? Struggle to work all day? Then earn a lot of money, then do philanthropist, lasts. But this is a lot of people to pursue it? That is who set up such a formula, so that people take for granted, as a mission like to comply. I am an extreme person, but I just do not understand, we just a few decades, perhaps some people only a few years life has been to make money, never enjoyed life, has never stopped to think about it, life so too will not be too bad, when we shut our eyes when the last time, maybe a lot of people will be filled with wonder: in the end I did what I have to go, but I have nothing, I came to this world in the end do you leave full of doubts, but people are still alive continue to live, something only a certain stage will be some perception. The so-called trip to enjoy life, that's too general, space hole, we simply do not have a unified answer, so ten people will have ten different ideas, this is not right, not wrong, even if a thief, do police, in addition to those human laws, in the natural world, these no right or wrong, because we enjoy life, we only according to their own ideas to live on their own terms, which is enjoying. But this argument is not feasible, at least in the present world. People in this life is really very simple, it is a cry and laugh reincarnation, when you came into this world crying and everyone around you laugh, smile when you leave this world around you people are crying. everyone wants to be able to turn the situation to tears smile. And this whole process would have to learn a lot: If ignorance must learn to mature and sensible, when you learn you might miss in the past, and may even want to have a time tunnel allows you to go back, then you do not have time to finally know tunnel, it went, never to return.