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I believe the worth has become memories

Outside, the wind is still, trees, summer is approaching, time flies walking through, walking in this earthly numerous chapters breeze buy Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare CD Key was still swinging the years, suddenly look back, look back at yesterday's themselves, to say what, a thousand words only silent, I believe the worth has become memories. And tonight, in the pen at the moment, suddenly discovered that the universe so big though, who was actually so small, so before fate, I must admit that this is true, always aloof pride, arrogant, feisty me, here, no way to argue, no control, and finally, gradually realized that since long, long plagued by heart all the anxiety and unrest, to date, has finally discovered that in fact are unnecessary or unwarranted. Originally, when I writing desk, pen sway at the moment, perhaps the kind hearts the desire to write, but more likely is that between the lines, I can get a little surprise, Ji was little comfort, perhaps for me is a demand, it is a natural phenomenon. In this world, I believe no one can grow in the course of every detail, every bit of euphemism thoughts are carve up. Those who in the past, the United States, such as poetry and painting, magic, such as heaven, however, have disappeared in the river flow years, disappeared in the clear sky this season, intentionally or unintentionally, like curling smoke, gradually drifted away. Eventually transformed into a song now gaunt word, I put it away in bags in my life, with my walk alone in the journey of life! Time flies, looking back, who had captured the moon over the Western Wall euphemism? Today's penance also save the bear yesterday's sadness, only take this superficial text, these days, serious efforts by the traces of that youthful comfort to talk endless desolation and sadness! Late at night, drink a glass of water, on the front of the mouth, the first deep breath, into the nose is one of the most pure fragrance, a light, refreshing. Then carefully swallow a small mouth, a hint of smooth, let it slowly slide into the throat, it is clear a cool, comfortable comfortable. Every time, I will quietly take a look at that on the glass, a timeless feel nostalgic. Give yourself a smile, do a deep breath, you can hear the sound of a heartbeat, then efforts to share fondly forgotten.