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But I still cling fascinating life of the flesh

But I still cling fascinating life of the flesh, cheap Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare CD-Key still pick out the conditions of men, still pursuing vanity grandiose things, and still, like all women secretly comparisons. Meanwhile beliefs are still in pursuit of these vanity. But still insist that, and all of these keep their distance. Eyes closed when Michelin can afford to enjoy the feast, when lost, I still think roadside eateries taste good; leave a beautiful moment when you can dress from designer clothes, loses, white shirt and khaki pants are still simple chic; have loved to accompany when you enjoy romance, lost when a single person to continue to do the things you like; marriage have love to build a safety net, when lost, self-sheltered spiritual world. God has given me everything in the future, I will be seen as the icing on the cake whole. When life is more gorgeous flowers, they restored my life really elegant and after the flowers fade. All of these self-conscious just because I think: unpredictable fate, if they lose, I have a career as well as independent personality as well as self-made ​​as well as strong support spiritual world, my world will not earth shattering, anxiety. I do not want to let yourself lose yourself living longer empty; feel their own ideas and preferences; life leaving others; All ideas rely on fragmented social networking sites or chat obtained; only because other individuals presence and existence, like a small dependence on the tree branches, others desperately draw nutrients to sustain life, and this attitude is really ugly embarrassment. No independent self-lover who do not know, no one to love. In the exploration of life on the road, in the pursuit of an independent way, these ideas might be biased. But as long as I can keep independent thinking, to make a firm support for self-independence, I believe I will not get lost in his own life inside.